About Us

Who am I?

Born in the UK, I’ve been teaching English for over 10 years. I've taught and directed schools in Poland, Japan and Russia. Now, David Walley’s English School lets me continue delivering top-quality lessons whatever your location. Additionally, I have: 

· CELTA Grade A (top 5% of graduates in a globally-recognized English-teaching certificate) 

· Over 5 years’ experience as a Director of Studies 

· Additional qualifications in teaching English for business, online, exams and Young Learners

· Experience teaching all ages and levels, from executives in major accounting firms to 5-year-olds taking their first steps in a foreign language 

We only ever work with teachers who are qualified, professional and were born in or studied in an English-speaking country for a considerable time - so you know you'll have a teacher you can trust

How can I learn online?!

Very, very easily! Thanks to programs like Skype and WhatsApp, everything you can do in a classroom you can do online. Lessons take place via a video call, working just like a normal individual lesson. Worksheets can be exchanged electronically, as can videos, images and other links. You can still use traditional paper books or do everything on screen.  

The benefits of learning online

· No need to leave your house or office, so no crazy weather or traffic to fight 

· Keep the same trusted, reliable teacher - no matter where you are 

· The same level of interaction as a traditional face-to-face lesson 

· Blend traditional and modern aspects, such as electronic or paper material 

· You can still write things down to help you remember new vocabulary and grammar! 

· SAVE MONEY! Online lessons are often considerably cheaper than face-to-face lessons 

· Contact us to find out more—we’re ready to answer all your questions :)     

What do they say about us?

As well as featuring on local TV and news, recent comments have included:

 “Now I have the confidence to take part in international seminars and I understand so much more” Alex, Top Manager

“With you, my kids learn English with such enthusiasm—they can’t wait for your lessons” Lyubov, Music Teacher    

Want to know more?

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